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About Our Sale Leasebacks

  • Highest Values: Our clients are amazed at how much money we get for their properties.
  • Preserve Ownership: No more expensive investors needed to raise money for growth.
  • Expertise: There is an art to creating and packaging a sale leaseback so that it meets all of your needs but is still easy for a potential funding teammate to understand it and want to pay you a lot for your real estate.
  • Funding Sources: We will match your growing or transitioning company with a funding teammate that fits well. We will help you sell your real estate to them and secure funding for your future locations too.
  • Preserve Cash: Cash is King. We can help you keep your precious cash while you grow.
  • Acquisitions: We can help you spend much less to acquire companies or add additional units.
  • No More Banks: No more going to the banks to ask permission to add locations
  • Eliminate Debt and Risk: We can help you eliminate debt and get rid of personal guarantees.
  • Transition: We can help you net more money from the business transition to your children or an ESOP.
  • Company Sale: We can help you net more money from the sale of your company.
  • Defer Taxes: Our proprietary structure can help you defer taxes and net more money.
  • What if you Lease? We have helped companies fund their growth with real estate even if they lease it.
  • Growth: We understand growth. Easy Leasebacks has enjoyed 10X growth each year.

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